This SNL show opening skit re-envisions General Petraeus’ hearings before the House Armed Services Committee earlier in the week. Perhaps this spoof will help undecided voters choose which candidate deserves their vote for the coming presidential election.

Phillips commissioned auteur Wong Kar Wai to direct a short film to show off their new Aurea line of flat panel TVs. The result is There is Only One Sun, a French language film that seems heavily inspired by Godard’s Alphaville. The director continues to explore how to juxtapose mod aesthetics from the 60’s with a technicolor science-fiction future. In true Wong Kar Wai fashion, cooler than cool characters struggle with the pains of love. 

Designer Jakob Trollback is curious about the constraints of the music video format. He experimented with the idea of creating a visual echo of a song’s expression, as opposed to a conceptual response. At last years TED conference Trollback introduced the results of his experiment which is set to David Byrne and Brian Eno’s “Moonlight in Glory.” 

Pitchfork is truly one of the greatest websites for keeping track of what is happening in the world of relatively independent music. The music blog has taken a step into a more visual place with the launch of  During this week only, you will be able to watch clips from a behind the scenes documentary of The Pixies 2004 reunion tour.


German photographer Walter Schels and his partner Beate Lakotta have created a collection of photos contrasting portraits of the dying with their image just after passing. The series entitled Life Before Death will be on display at London’s Wellcome Collection from April 9 - May 18. 

Value your internet freedoms; and do so by staying abreast of the net neutrality wars that are taking shape. Damian Kulash Jr. is best known as the singer for OK GO. The band has become poster children for the idea that success can be generated through the internet. This is exactly why Kulash was asked to be a witness for the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust task force. He wrote an op-ed for the New York Times talking a bit about the topic. This issue is not going away folks.

If you don’t know of Michael Pollan, perhaps you have heard of his critically heralded book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma. And perhaps this interview will persuade you to pick up the book. Pollan has a fantastic way of articulating the importance of understanding where our food comes from, and how our food affects our society socially, culturally, politically, and economically.


Young entrepreneur Mark Ecko has helped to define the look of a generation. Starting with t-shirts, his empire has grown to include: G-Unit, Avirex, ecko unltd., and Zoo York. Recently he has branched into the interactive and entertainment worlds with Mark Ecko Entertainment and Complex Magazine. Last year Ecko pranked the world with his viral advertisement depicting a person sneaking onto a runway and tagging Air Force 1. The story was picked up by just about every major news organization, and apparently the White House actually had to investigate and confirm that the event never happened. Ecko is back at it with a new prank for his Zoo York label.


Santogold (aka Santi White) is an incredibly talented musician originally from Philly, and currently residing in NYC. Her witty lyrics and beats are only outmatched by her general enthusiasm for what she’s doing. She has written music with Mark Ronson and Lily Allen, and draws obvious comparisons to M.I.A. While at this years SxSW music festival, I watched her win over a crowd of a few thousand strong. The beaming smile never left her face. No wonder Bjork chose Santogold to open for her at Madison Square Garden. Her forthcoming record will drop April 22nd in the US. Get to know Santogold.

On sleepy days I really enjoy listening to Elbow. To promote their newest sleepy single, the band turned to lauded commercial director Ringan Ledwidge. Having won just about every major award in the international advertising landscape with his off-kilter sense of humor, Ledwidge creates something very unexpected and very ironic. The video for the British band has a real punctual way of addressing America’s “housing crisis” as it is being called. Cheap condos in California for sale if you are trading in the pound.  To watch Elbow’s video for One Day Like This in the US, you’ll need to select QT video.