Montreal based Marie Chouinard has been creating unique dance-works since in 1978. I’ve only just discovered them now - like nothing you’ve ever seen before

In 1974, Dominican immigrant Don Antonio Martinez started a small shop in New York City selling hand rolled cigars. Thirty-eight years later his son, Jesus, carries on the tradition. The shop combines craftsmanship with community, mixing equal parts work and play. It is the focus of the fourth installment in the Made by Hand series. Perhaps my favorite part of making this film is the way it expands the maker experience outward; it’s not just about the artifact, but about the people you make things with and for.

Most monuments built to signify a certain political ideology usually fall and are eventually forgotten. Its just a matter of time. Bulgaria’s Buzludha is no exception. When Photographer Timothy Allen heard about the amazing structure, he wasted very little time to make plans for photographing the site. Buzludha took 6,000 workers 7 years of work before it was unveiled in 1981. Now it’s a lost relic of Communism.

Last week, I released The Beekeper, the third film in the Made by Hand series. Local urban farmer Megan Paska has witnessed beekeeping as it morphed from an illegal (and possibly crazy) habit to a sustainable, community-supported skill. Mirroring beekeeping’s own ascendance, she found more than just a living: “This is the first time in my life when I’ve just felt absolutely on the right path.”