Very pleased to have the Airwick Home Is In the Air film that I shot in conjunction with Droga5 shortlisted as part of the 2015 Cannes Lions.

I’ve always been bothered by the the sexist trope in which women are posed suggestively to highlight a stereotypically “masculine” object of desire such as a car, motorcycle or a guitar. I was particularly amused by this series of ads in which a Portland-based Ducati dealer paired images of men from around their shop in contrast to their female model counterparts. I think it does a good job to point out just how absurd the cliche is.

One of the far more talented classmates of mine from film school was a fellow named Michael Simmonds. Over the last several years, he has been making a name for himself in the independent cinema world as a cinematographer and has come to be known as a regular collaborator of acclaimed director Ramin Bahrani (Man Push Cart, Chop Shop). I was quite pleased to discover that two of the more beautifully filmed commercials that I’ve seen lensed lately turned out to both be his work. Here is his spot capturing a series of striking sunrises for Prudential and here is a commercial announcing the celebration for the unveiling of the MLK Memorial in Washington DC.

If you are in creative services and work with clients independently or run your own company, here is the best advice you’ll ever get on how to protect yourself. Fuck you. Pay me. This Creative Mornings talk by the wonderfully talented and amusing Mike Monteiro of Mule Design will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you want to buddy up with a lawyer but most of all, it will inspire you to make good business choices.

Life boils down to a series of choices. In this fantastic ad for Jim Beam, we see the many faces of the man Willem Dafoe could’ve been. I almost want a glass of Jim Beam now, but not as much as I want to share this commercial. Agency: Strawberry Frog, Director: Dante Ariola.

While it may prove a bit “ballsy” to market a spirit branded after porn legend Ron Jeremy, I can’t say I’m interested in tasting the man’s potent liquids. I can just imagine the tag line, “for relaxing times, make it Ron Jeremy time.” The Hedgehog is certainly not the first celebrity to offer a line of booze; other’s include: Marilyn Manson, Dan Aykroyd, Dr. Dre, and Sammy Hagar who has been at it longer than any of the newcomers. For a more accurate and less glamorized perspective, check out this documentary on the most famous adult star ever to be filmed.

Steven Grasse has long been a unique voice in the world of advertising and branding. Maybe its because he operates out of my hometown of Philly, but its much more likely for his punk rock ethos that I’ve admired his approach. He’s the guy that would rather give a finger to Madison Ave suits than accept their awards. And while other companies have talked big circles about the importance of intellectual property, Grasse has actually been out there doing it for years - creating culture. And now he’s applied his rock and roll attitude to something else, projects dedicated to sustainable and local ways of doing business. More specifically, farming, making alcohol and advocating for the arts. Hear him talk about his trajectory here. I need to work with this man.