Perhaps much of the success behind Apple’s recent advertising is in part due to the similarities between the cartoon Wile E. Coyote and John Hodgeman’s PC character in the Mac vs PC ads. And just this morning I heard that Microsoft is going to try and make fun of Apple by introducing a Hodgeman-like character of their own. That should be interesting.

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Peter Greenaway has long been one of my very favorite filmmakers. His experimentation and fascination with: language, books, painting, typography, design, cinema, theater and future forms of expression guides him to create in a language all his own. When considering his obvious desires to expand the visual language of film outside of cinema’s proverbial frame, it was no surprise to read that he had been working on some sort of online video game. What I had no idea of was that Greenaway has been up to much more than that. With the launch of his new official website, you can keep tabs on Greenaway’s lastest endeavors.

I’ve always believed that the great power that artists carry with them is the ability to evoke an emotional reaction from a stranger without even stepping foot in the same room. Nagi Noda’s whimsical work makes people feel good; it reminds us to use our imaginations no matter how wild they may be. As a young female artist she has truly defied obstacles and traditions while fully embodying the title “creative director.” With a vision all her own Nagi Noda has seamlessly slipped from one medium to another charming us along the way. So it is with a profound sadness that I share the work of Nagi Noda, whose life was cut way too short just a week ago at the age of 35.

Nagi Nada’s official website

Nagi Noda’s Music Video Work


For about two seconds, John McCain’s campaign ad “The One” created a stir. Aimed at the kind of fuck-nuts who actually believe in and look forward to “end times,” the ad uses their crazy evangelical secrete handshake codes and likens Obama to “The Dark One” himself (no pun intended). I find this quite disturbing on Mr. McCain’s behalf. Mind you, what’s more disturbing is the overwhelming number of people who believe these kinds of messages.

Tim LeHaye is a lunatic and the author of the unbelievably popular book series Left Behind, based on the end time prophecies. Terrifyingly over 63 million copies of this garbage have been sold. Not only does LeHaye bare a striking resemblance to many an interpretation of Lucifer himself (see below), but he also has some keen views on whether or not Barack Obama is in indeed the devil.

“I can see by the language he uses why people think he could be the antichrist,” adds LaHaye, “but from my reading of scripture, he doesn’t meet the criteria. There is no indication in the Bible that the antichrist will be an American.”

No shit Tim. He couldn’t possibly be the devil because you are.

Doug Pray is a documentary filmmaker who has made several films that deal with the creative fruit of counter culture. He was commissioned by Clorox to make this short film documenting the making of a reverse-graffiti mural by Paul “Moose” Curtis. The mural is created by simply washing away dirt. Its good to see a chemical company like Clorox starting to think in a greener way.




Heinz created a socially relevant commercial with a surprise twist.  That twist drew complaints from 200 viewers and led to the banning of the commercial. There is nothing like a little self censoring to appease a few bigots. I find it hard to understand how Heinz signs off on the creation and airing of this commercial, and then retracts because of a little heat. Either the corporation wants to be a socially progressive voice or they don’t.



Though I don’t own a car and have no need for car insurance, I’ve always thought that it was clever that Geico has maintained several distinct ad campaigns at the same time. There has long been the too cute CG gecko with an inexplicable British accent. And of course, there are the disgruntled civilized cavemen brothers who found an extended life in a short lived TV comedy show. The newest campaign pairs real people with B-list stars and celebrity wash-ups including: James Lipton, Peter Frampton, Joan Rivers, Little Richard, Charo, The Pips, Michael Winslow and yes Mrs. Butterworth (the maple syrup bottle lady).



When football star, Michael Vick, was arrested for running a dog fighting ring, there was finally a reason to talk about a very real problem in this country. Now that Vick has been locked away, the issue of dog fighting will continue to exist and draw very little attention from the media. This PSA stands as a reminder that it is never the dogs fault; some people are the real beasts.


Recently I posted about Pascal Dagin, the world’s premier fashion photo retoucher. I’ve also recently posted about Unilever’s brand Dove and some of their practices, both good and bad as a cosmetics manufacturer. Their global Campaign for Real Beauty was aimed at portraying what women truly look like in the real world. Ironically, the company hired the world’s greatest photo retoucher for that very campaign. Why? Because even real beauty needs a little post production help from time to time.