While it may prove a bit “ballsy” to market a spirit branded after porn legend Ron Jeremy, I can’t say I’m interested in tasting the man’s potent liquids. I can just imagine the tag line, “for relaxing times, make it Ron Jeremy time.” The Hedgehog is certainly not the first celebrity to offer a line of booze; other’s include: Marilyn Manson, Dan Aykroyd, Dr. Dre, and Sammy Hagar who has been at it longer than any of the newcomers. For a more accurate and less glamorized perspective, check out this documentary on the most famous adult star ever to be filmed.

Steven Grasse has long been a unique voice in the world of advertising and branding. Maybe its because he operates out of my hometown of Philly, but its much more likely for his punk rock ethos that I’ve admired his approach. He’s the guy that would rather give a finger to Madison Ave suits than accept their awards. And while other companies have talked big circles about the importance of intellectual property, Grasse has actually been out there doing it for years - creating culture. And now he’s applied his rock and roll attitude to something else, projects dedicated to sustainable and local ways of doing business. More specifically, farming, making alcohol and advocating for the arts. Hear him talk about his trajectory here. I need to work with this man.

The world of advertising is filled with clever and talented people. For years, I’ve seen countless award winning commercials and wondered where they had been broadcast. They certainly weren’t on my TV. At a time in which the airline industry can barely stop itself from infuriating it’s customers, Delta Airlines have launched a simply beautiful campaign. For the first time in ages, I find my eyes glued to the screen for a commercial and its whenever I see one of these new black & white ads for Delta. I had to know who was making them; I had a hunch. And I was correct. The agency is Wieden & Kennedy. The director is Mark Romanek and the cinematographer is Harris Savides.

Two men are in a race to be the first person to free-fall skydive from the edge of space to earth at a speed that would break the sound barrier. One is an extreme athlete with promotional financial backing from the beverage maker Red Bull. The other is 66 years old and has already had several attempts that have all literally failed to even get off the ground. Fascinating as it is, it seems to me that both men could be candidates for a Darwin Award.

What if futball legend Pele had scored his final goal on the Brazilian national team instead of the Cosmos? The short film 1284 sees Pele on the pitch at age 69 finishing his career off the way he’d have liked it. The project was produced by Fernando Meirelles and created in conjunction with telecom company Vivo.