Whether or not you realize it, the corporate visual environment that you live in has at it’s best been designed by a few select people. Ivan Chermayeff is one of those people. With his partner Tom Geismar, he has designed the identities for some of the most known brands worldwide. He has done this with an intellectual sense of elegance and class that has always proved an iconic result. His identities for NBC, Chase, Mobil, PBS and Barney’s New York are all case in point examples. Here is an interview in which a very experienced Chermayeff gives greater insight into his work and process.

Ever since the internet became intertwined with our daily lives, people have commonly fantasized about creating the next big thing website or service that they could cash in on. Social networking sites like Facebook and Myspace have been sold in the last few years for outrageous sums that truly can’t be rationalized. On the other hand, there have been sites that actually can quantify their success in real numeric terms. Many of these sites like Zappos for example provide a very necessary service. A few months back I posted about a website called Kickstarter. The site which is still in beta speaks to this kind of ingenuity in which common people will be able to find themselves doing something that they simple couldn’t do before. In recent weeks, Kickstarter has been picking up traction and even received two write-ups on the NY Times in one day. One article explains how the concept works and why micro-patronage is the big idea. And this one, the story of how a record label used the service to avoid trashing a large collection of overstock.

Director Pete Candeland of Passion Pictures was assigned the dream project of creating an animated opening cinematic for The Beatles edition of Rockband. The brilliant medley tracks through different musical and aesthetic periods of the band’s career, and concludes with a picture perfect visualization of I Am the Walrus. While I’m not quite sure of what John Lennon would think of using his music for video games, I’d be pretty certain that he’d be moved by this short animated film. The project is so wonderful that it actually gave me chills and goose bumps.

Nathan Love is a 3D design/animation studio that was started by some of my old school-mates. These guys absolutely excel at strange character design. I’ve always been impressed with their work, but think that they really outdid themselves with this short horror film piece called Blood Trail.

Lack of fresh water in poor nations is to blame for a number of illnesses that result in millions of deaths each year. Charity:Water is a non-profit whose mission is to drill sustainable wells in underdeveloped communities to eliminate these completely preventable deaths. There is truly no acceptable reason that over a billion people are deprived of fresh drinking water each day. The organization put together this moving film for World Water Day.


Tribal DDB Amsterdam have collaborated with director Adam Berg to freeze time in Carousel. This beautifully executed short film was created to promote the new Phillips 21:9 TV. Here is a behind the scenes making of the project.