Today, I will be going to MoMA to catch the Olafur Eliasson show which is only up for another four days. As one Eliasson show comes to a close, a particularly special one opens. The artist’s waterfall series has come to New York City and opens today. The installation will be up through October 13th for viewing daily from 7am - 10pm, with the exceptions of Tuesdays & Thursday from 9am - 10pm. Additionally, the waterfalls will be illuminated after sunset. Here is more on the project from the New York Times.


I’ve always been very proud of my Philadelphia roots. The city has always been a great center for art and artists. Just walking around one can’t miss the rich culture of mural making. Check out this photo slide show of some of its most known street murals.

The annual New York City free Summer arts festival River to River is underway. The series which features dance, movies and music will offer performances from the likes of Ted Leo, Sonic Youth, and Atlas Sound. Today post punk legends Wire will play pier 17 at South Street Seaport 7pm.

Blu is a graffiti artist with a rather unique approach. He has taken to animating his giant wall illustrations. His darkly comedic style in which characters spawn new forms recalls the work of animation guru Bill Plympton. Enjoy Blu’s short film Muto and be sure to click around his site.

I first saw Theo Jansen’s work featured in a BMW commercial. He is a Dutch artist who is obsessed with designing a new kind of nature. For twenty years now, he has been constructing skeletal beasts that are propelled by the wind. With each round there is an evolution to the design; Jansen plans to one day release these creatures/sculptures into the wild to fend for themselves.

Alejandro Jodorowski is a cinema genius like no other. The success of his film El Topo made him “the father of the midnight movie.” His films have been described as political, surreal, offensive and psychodelic.  All of these descriptions are as accurate as they are false. His body of work has been created as a quest for truth and enlightenment. For decades his films were only available on pirated VHS dubs and were banned in many countries. Now a set of three Jodorowsky films and accompanying soundtracks are available including: Fando y Lis, El Topo, and The Holy Mountain.

Humble Arts Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that aims to support upcoming fine art photographers through exhibitions and grants. Many of their photographer’s works are priced very reasonably for collectors just starting out; have a look. (Photo below by Sam Morgan.)

Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor has worked tirelessly writing, recording and touring the last several years. On the band’s last touring album Year Zero, Reznor created something of an alternate reality designed to engage fans in a world around the music. This massive experiment proved to be hugely successful. As the recording industry continues to wrestle with change, NIN are plowing forward redefining our musical landscape and bringing their fans with them. Since Year Zero, the band has released two more albums. The first is an album called Ghosts I-IV which was intended to play like a soundtrack to an unmade film. NIN have launched the Ghost Film Festival inviting fans to make videos inspired by the tracks. The newest album, The Slip is an entirely free giveaway. The band is also encouraging fans to remix tracks and pass them around. It is quite clear that Reznor has embraced the notion that music can be a dialogue; his list of collaborators continues to grow and now includes his own fans.

Back in March, I saw Patrick Stewart play the part of Shakespeare’s Macbeth at BAM. Both his and Kate Fleetwood’s (Lady Macbeth) performances were no less than brilliant. The play was set in an industrial space that was transformed scene-to-scene in a seamless choreographed manner. Echos of Stalinist Russia provided the play with a dark modern twist. The show has since moved to Broadway and will be performed   at the Lyceum Theatre through May 24th.

Oliver Ackerman is the singer and guitar player for A Place to Bury Stangers. The band has generated indie-cult status. In addition to playing very loud music, he is the creator of Death By Audio. Several years back, Oliver had the idea to sell his custom guitar FX pedals that he had designed for his himself. This fruitful experiment lead to something bigger. The very studio where he was working became something of a collective artists space that curates shows and provides bands with rehearsal and recording space. Picthfork has done a feature on Oliver’s brainchild.