Convincing the world that the human impact on climate change is the most urgent issue of our times is not enough. Politicians and citizens alike must be moved to actively participate in adjusting how we live and how we pass policy. With sponsorship from the WWF, sculptor Mark Coreth has put together this brilliant public installation of a melting polar bear to inspire us.

I first saw Liu Bolin’s unique brand of camouflage art a while back. This blog posting reminded me that I wanted to share his work with more people. I also recently saw this ad council commercial that is clearly inspired by his work. Another advertisement using the same idea for the anti-psychotic drug, Seroquel has been on air quite a bit lately.

Several years ago, a friend showed me street-art by his ex-roommate, a woman who went by the named of SWOON. I was enamored with what I saw and it certainly was no surprise that in the immediate years to follow, her work would be championed by Deitch Projects and the Museum of Modern Art. Here she is featured in a segment from D.I.Y. America , a serialized show produced by Wieden & Kennedy, that features people at the forefront of America’s creative counter culture.