In this digital age, who knows what will become of album packaging. Sleevage is a wonderful archive of sorts that is dedicated to becoming the most comprehensive online resource for record artwork. Below is the LP cover for the first cassette I ever bought with my own money. Between the sleeve cover and the video for Hot For Teacher, Van Halen was most certainly my introduction to sex, drugs and rock & roll at a very young age.

A few nights ago, I braved the bitter cold winds and went out for a beer. I discovered Draft Barn, a Hungarian style beer hall which boasts a menu with over two hundred bottled beers and fourteen rotating taps. If in Brooklyn, I’d definitely suggest checking out this still unknown watering hole.

A few days ago, I asked a friend who is a poet what she might want to pursue as a career had she not been a creative person. I’ve been thinking that if I weren’t a filmmaker, than I might like to be a butcher. Here is a really cool video of Shanna Pacifico, chef/butcher from Back Forty breaking down a side of beef. She discusses how the restaurant has adopted a local and sustainable way of offering meat.

I recently heard that motorcyclists are eight times more likely than automobile drivers to get injured in an accident and are thirty five times more likely to die. None of that really matters if you are riding something as gorgeous as one of the bikes below. The 1934 BMW R7 makes my heart skip beats. See more handsome bikes here.

(via Cool Hunter)