Well I’d say this pretty much sums up the corporate state of things.

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World tells the story of a simple electronic foot controlled device that changed the face of music. The film covers everything from the accidental advent of the technology to it’s marketing, and landmark moments of it’s integration into popular music. This 60min documentary is a must watch for music nerds and guitar freaks alike.

Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh is an entirely CG created visual landscape short film journey. The experimental piece explores the relationship between design, space and photography, as well as the constructs of man versus nature. Every frame of the project was made by him alone; very impressive. He must have a render farm the size of a city block.

Despite their disappointing play in the 2010 World Cup tournament, the English national team was denied a goal from Frank Lampard in it’s well publicized 4-1 loss to Germany. While this certainly wasn’t the first time that an official failed to see a ball cross the line, the unawarded goal shed light on the reality that human error is part of the game. So the question is raised; why not introduce some technology into the game? A design company in Mexico called Agent has created a ball with a sensor that could be the solution some fans seek. Here is a glimpse at the process behind the glowing ball’s design. Perhaps the ball should have been called “The Lampard.”

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While I’m a fan of beautiful, daring and clever graffiti, I’ve never appreciated the ubiquitous and unimaginative scrawl of a black marker tag. If you are going to leave your mark, then do it right like CT.

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