The most expensive coffee in the world is really shitty.

A few nights ago, I braved the bitter cold winds and went out for a beer. I discovered Draft Barn, a Hungarian style beer hall which boasts a menu with over two hundred bottled beers and fourteen rotating taps. If in Brooklyn, I’d definitely suggest checking out this still unknown watering hole.

A few days ago, I asked a friend who is a poet what she might want to pursue as a career had she not been a creative person. I’ve been thinking that if I weren’t a filmmaker, than I might like to be a butcher. Here is a really cool video of Shanna Pacifico, chef/butcher from Back Forty breaking down a side of beef. She discusses how the restaurant has adopted a local and sustainable way of offering meat.

I try my best to not buy bottled water these days. As it turns out, the one brand that I did purchase from time to time has some pretty bad politics at play. NYC tap water happens to be some of the best available water in the whole country and I’ve been using one of the popular Swiss brand Sigg bottles for well over a year now. I consciously chose their bottles to avoid the leaching issues associated with reusing plastic and to support an eco-friendly endeavour. So I was rather annoyed to learn that Sigg has some pretty bad health related problems as well. Who knew getting safe clean water in the developed world was so hard?

During the last few years, I’ve found myself engaged in more and more conversations about buying locally sourced foods. I’ve participated in Community Supported Agricultural (CSAs) for three years now. This has profoundly changed the way I eat, the diverse vegetation that I have access to and how healthy my body feels. The reasons for buying local go on and on. And one of the best ways to tap into fresh locally sourced foods is through the green market. In this video, you’ll meet Rick Bishop of Mountain Sweet Berry Farm. Rick sells his crops at the well known Union Square Green Market and also supplies many of the cities very top restaurants including Blue Hill and Gramercy Tavern. Why wouldn’t you want to buy your food from the same place these chefs go?

The BKLYN Yard on the Gowanus Canal is kicking off their season opening with an event today called Parked. Several of the cities best food truck vendors will be present. Earlier in the week. I eyed up the gourmet ice-cream truck and it looked rather fantastic. And I know for sure that the huarache vendor is drool worthy.

The NY Times have done a piece on Sriracha Sauce, one of the few items I’d need if lost on a deserted island.

While on the topic of spices, I thought I’d share a discovery that I made yesterday. While walking around in Alphabet City, I stumbled into an amazing importing spice shop. SOS Chefs carry a wide selection of not easily found kitchen specialties, ranging from loose saffron and cardamom to an array of different kinds of fresh mushrooms. Now I have to find a use or two for honey cultivated from bees who have been fed only rosemary.

Lack of fresh water in poor nations is to blame for a number of illnesses that result in millions of deaths each year. Charity:Water is a non-profit whose mission is to drill sustainable wells in underdeveloped communities to eliminate these completely preventable deaths. There is truly no acceptable reason that over a billion people are deprived of fresh drinking water each day. The organization put together this moving film for World Water Day.