Photographer and SHOWstudio founder, Nick Knight’s well considered ideas on fashion film and why the medium is in it’s infancy.

This could be the year that I finally try the Dead Poet’s Society look with this handsome toggle style coat from Schott, a classic family-run NYC brand.

Fashion photographer Bruno Dayan has a mysterious and magical way of surrounding his subjects with light.

Rick Genest is not your everyday fashion model. The same could be said of Shaun Ross, an African American model who happens to be an albino. Here he is the subject of a fashion film created for Vogue Italia. Note to self - cast one of these gentlemen for a film.

Fourteen Actors Acting - a video gallery of classic screen types for The NY Times Magazine.

Nick Knight and Bjork pay tribute to Alexander McQueen with this gorgeous film.

Storia d’ Amore is fashion photographer Kalle Gustafsson’s short film meditation on young Italian love.

This film tells the upstart story of Raleigh Denim a North Carolina boutique jeans manufacturer. The husband and wife team take great pride in working with locally sourced materials.

Here is a blast from the past. Remember the creepy Calvin Klein basement ads that ended up being banned back in the 90s? They were kind of genius and revolting all at once. Guess that was the point.

Respect to Harmony Korine. He always marches to the beat of a very different drummer. This time around, Korine has taken a rather unexpected approach in making a short fashion film. Check out Act Da Fool created for fashion label Proenza Schouler and then watch it a few more times.

The Beauty of the Power Game is a NY Times Magazine video gallery of top female tennis players in slow motion. The stylized shoots remind me of the idealized Aryan athletic form presented in Olympia, Leni Riefenstahl’s 1938 film of the 1936 Summer Olympics created at Hitler’s request.

City Sonata is part art film, part fashion show for men’s designer Siki Im.

Hedi Slimane’s inspiring black and white photo diary has a thing or two in common with Germinal Roaux’s (seen below).

British lingerie label Damaris have put together quite a sexy and somewhat naughty fashion film called Chore - directed by Justin Anderson.

Earlier this week, another director proclaimed that fashion-films may be the new breeding ground for upcoming filmmakers. I think she very well may be right. Check out the video look-book for the Fall 09 collection by Halston . The art direction would make Guy Bourdin proud.

Sometimes I fantasize about what a great dictator I’d make; I probably shouldn’t admit that in public. Every power-hungry person needs a good uniform and that’s exactly what label Social Suicide has put forth, a collection called Dictators of Fashion.

(via Made In England)

Swedish fashion label Whyred commissioned a rather surreal short film, La Vitesse Et La Pierre which is composed entirely of still images. The project reminds me of Chris Marker’s La Jetee.

Using pen and ink, Fumie Sasabuchi reworks the pages of fashion magazines with images that remind us that underneath the skin, we are all mortals built of flesh and bone. See more of her work here.

I’ve just become acquainted with Pierre Dal Corso’s fashion photography.

I recently discovered the work of photographer Martina Hoogland Ivanow. Whether shooting people, landscapes or fashion, there is a consistent style that evokes the dreamy spirit of a Tarkovsky film. See more of her work here and here.