Lately, I’ve been obsessed with images and masks that celebrate Dia de los muertos. Here are some particularly cool fashion photos using the theme.

It is only in retrospect many decades later that we can really appreciate the walls that Bettie Page helped to break down. Though her intent may have not been to do so, Page’s successful modeling career of the 1950’s is certainly in part responsible for encouraging the sexual revolution tied to the women’s liberation movement of the 1960’s. Goodbye Ms. Page; you certainly will always be a cultural icon.

The holiday season usually means it’s that time of the year when we’ll catch half naked models frolicking around on a beach in a black & white fragrance commercial. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it seems like a bit of a tired formula. I look forward to the day that I turn on the tube and find a perfume ad as bizarre as this short film created by fashion photographer Eugenio Recuenco for Loewe’s odor “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás”.

(via Wicked Halo)

I’ve always believed that the great power that artists carry with them is the ability to evoke an emotional reaction from a stranger without even stepping foot in the same room. Nagi Noda’s whimsical work makes people feel good; it reminds us to use our imaginations no matter how wild they may be. As a young female artist she has truly defied obstacles and traditions while fully embodying the title “creative director.” With a vision all her own Nagi Noda has seamlessly slipped from one medium to another charming us along the way. So it is with a profound sadness that I share the work of Nagi Noda, whose life was cut way too short just a week ago at the age of 35.

Nagi Nada’s official website

Nagi Noda’s Music Video Work