These are the United Steaks of America.

(via Swiss-Miss)

I’ve always thought dog shows are wrong on so many levels and speak far more about the absurdity of the owners of these animals than the pets themselves. I suppose this is precisely what made Christopher Guest’s comedic faux-documentary, Best in Show so damn funny. So that said, I wonder what it says about the owners of these poodles that they’d rather groom them into something other than a dog. Frankly, this sort of thing really doesn’t bode well for the human species.

These two animations have provided me with endless laughter. Dumbland is a series of senseless and aggressive cartoons made by David Lynch. Words fail to describe Rejected, an utterly absurd collection of wonderfully immature short animations by Don Hertzfeld of Bitter Films.


There are so many this-or-that ways to categorize human beings: tall or short, quiet or loud, upbeat or down trodden etc. There are the more judgmental categories as best illustrated in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, a good egg or a bad egg. There are the folks who use the world as their private office to divulge personal issues on their cell phone. Some people will always be courteous and hold open doors for strangers and there are those who just don’t do that. On the subway yesterday, I noticed a woman who fell into one of my very favorite categories. There are those who will ride on the train during rush hour and plaster on their face with make-up and those who are horrified at the very thought of transforming a subway into one’s bathroom.


Today is Barack Obama’s sixtieth day in office as the President of the United States of America. He is doing the most impossible job at what may be the most impossible time. I was surprised to see how quickly he addressed many of my concerns ranging from Guantanamo Bay and the War in Iraq to issues of social change. Of course, the big topic is the economy. His proposed budget is an extremely progressive sign of landmark change. I suppose it’s fair to say that we all have mixed emotions about the economic crisis as we should, our President included. Putting all of this aside, Barack made history yesterday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, as the first sitting US President to appear as a guest on a late night talk show. It feels really good to have a president that makes me laugh and smile. I simply can’t think of another Head of State known for his character and affability to Barack’s tune, and this is no small thing in leadership at times like these.

The mind works in odd ways. When I got out of bed this morning, I was immediately inspired to find a quirky short film that I had seen several years ago. Here is Copy Shop by director Virgil Widrich. The film tells the bizarre story of a copy shop attendant who begins to duplicate himself over and over.

At a young, I was exposed to a range of comedians beginning with Charlie Chaplin and eventually found myself watching Abbott & Costello, Laurel & Hardy, and of course The Three stooges. But one of the earliest truly potty-mouthed performers that I took notice of was of my grandparents generation, Don Rickles. Check out this documentary on “Mr. Warmth” the living legend of comedy.