Here is extraordinary 16mm footage of the Apollo 11 launch on July 16th 1969 (41 years ago yesterday). Shot at the extreme slow motion rates of 500 frames per second, 30 seconds of actual take-off is expanded into an 8 minute highly detailed clip.

I recently heard about a rather interesting service that allows people to share the things that they own with others in their neighborhood. The big idea behind Neighborgoods is to help people behave more like a community and consume less things that they simply don’t need to buy.

As of this week, the Afghan War is the longest in America’s history at eight and a half years. Oddly enough, this fact didn’t seem to draw much attention in the media. Both this war and US operations in Iraq almost seem to be forgotten by the general public and media alike. I wanted to share a few features that I found on NPR that highlight works of two artists who are dedicating their work to the honor of those involved in these wars. Matthew Mitchell is painting 100 portraits of people who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. See the project’s website here. The other story is about an Iraqi born artist named Wafaa Bilal. He staged a 24 hour performance called …And Counting in which he transformed his back into a permanent memorial to casualties of the war in Iraq. Here is more on this project.

Tonight, my hometown Philadelphia Flyers play their first Stanley Cup Championship home-game since my youth. Though the team is down by two games, I have full confidence that they will summon the spirit of the original Cup winning Broad Street Bullies and punish Chicago tonight. Stream the HBO Documentary on the Bullies of the 70s here for a reminder of where tough hockey was invented. Let’s go Flyers!!!