For the release of their single The Moneymaker, the band Rilo Kiley made a music video which stars real adult entertainers. In conjunction with the video, director Autumn de Wilde made a short documentary about these performers and their lives in porno.

This video for El-P’s “Smithereens” is probably one of the most overwhelming music videos ever made. I am hard pressed to think of another music video that has utilized the format to make such a pronounced political and social statement in recent history.


This music video for The Prids is all about interpretive dance. The clip probably hasn’t received too much airplay, however; it is a lovely low budget idea that works to the track perfectly.



It’s time for another music video mixtape. It’s the right season to use the theme “shake it.”

Naked Ape - Fashion Freaks - (Dir. Zombie Duck)

The Bubblebeez - Dr. Love - (Dir. Tom Kuntz)

Alex Guadino - Destination Calabria - (Dir. Eran Creevy)

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction - (Dir. Dougal Wilson)

Etienne Charry - Astroclub  (Dir. Gabriel Malaprade)

Freaks - The Creeps - (Dir. Marcus Adams)

Basement Jaxx - Oh My Gosh - (Dir. Matt Kirby)

Detroit Grand Pubahs - Sandwiches - (Dir. Spencer Susser)

Eric Prydz - Call On Me - (Dir. Huse)

Goldfrapp - Train - (Dir. Dawn Shadforth)

LFO - Freak - (Dir. Daniel Levi)



French electro group Justice have stirred something of a ruckus with the video for their new single Stress. Obviously inspired by Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971), a young group of modernized droogs uniformed in jackets adorned with the band’s logo are seen making a malenky bit of the old ultra-violent. Perhaps what is most troubling to those offended by the video is not the aggressive nature of the gang, but rather the very clear color of their skin. The boys appear to be of North African and Middle Eastern decent; in other words the Parisian lower-class. The video directed by Romain Gavras has drawn much comparison to La Haine (1985) because of its documentary style of execution. While certainly intriguing and well executed, the video never offers up the kind of social complexity that would allow us to understand this kind of behavior.

Below is something of a music video mixtape that I’ve put together.  The theme is “kissing.”

The Teenagers - Homecoming - (Dir. Kinga Burza)

New Order - Krafty - (Dir. Johan Renck)

Doves - The Man Who Told Everything - (Dir. Sam Brown)

Nine Black Alps - Bitter End - (Dir. Terry Hall)

Soon - Serenade the City - (Dir. Sir Taki)

Animal Collective - PeaceBone - (Dir. Timothy Saccenti)

Koop - Island Blue - (Dir. Jean Francois Julain)

Air - All I Need - (Dir. Mike Mills)

Kent - Karleken Vantar - (Dir. Johan Renck)

Sonic Youth - Sunday - (Dir. Harmony Korine)

Santogold (aka Santi White) is an incredibly talented musician originally from Philly, and currently residing in NYC. Her witty lyrics and beats are only outmatched by her general enthusiasm for what she’s doing. She has written music with Mark Ronson and Lily Allen, and draws obvious comparisons to M.I.A. While at this years SxSW music festival, I watched her win over a crowd of a few thousand strong. The beaming smile never left her face. No wonder Bjork chose Santogold to open for her at Madison Square Garden. Her forthcoming record will drop April 22nd in the US. Get to know Santogold.

On sleepy days I really enjoy listening to Elbow. To promote their newest sleepy single, the band turned to lauded commercial director Ringan Ledwidge. Having won just about every major award in the international advertising landscape with his off-kilter sense of humor, Ledwidge creates something very unexpected and very ironic. The video for the British band has a real punctual way of addressing America’s “housing crisis” as it is being called. Cheap condos in California for sale if you are trading in the pound.  To watch Elbow’s video for One Day Like This in the US, you’ll need to select QT video.