Just another reason to like Barack Obama, he remembers the days of sweet 80’s smooth jams.


I am greatly embittered by the war in Iraq. The US is 5 years deep into a quagmire situation that never should’ve taken place. While many politicians don’t mind thinking of American soldiers as pawns or collateral damage, they are real human beings with names, faces, families and friends. Our country is five years deep into this war and has just surpassed the mark of 4000 American soldier casualties. Featured in the NY Times online today is a memoriam to all of those who gave their lives entitled Casualties of War.


Film directors Werner Herzog and Errol Morris are both profoundly unique in the stories that they tell. Here is a conversation between the two in which they trace back their long friendship and discuss topics ranging from each other’s work to their experiences going together to visit serial killer Ed Kemper in prison.

Additionally, Errol Morris has a new documentary called Standard Operating Procedure releasing to theaters April 25th.  The film focuses on the events and photos surrounding the Abu Ghraib prison torture affair.