Skeletal remains that have been discovered in a church are believed to belong to Italian painting master, Caravaggio.

This segment on David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things features Martin Gardner, a math and science writer who wrote a regular column for twenty-five years in Scientific American and published over seventy books. Gardner’s influence in these fields at applying recreational mathematics, magic, puzzles and games is absolutely fascinating. The episode covers everything from the math involved in the tiled pattern forms of M.C.. Escher’s work to perfectly shuffling cards in a sequence that brings you back to where you started.

Etsy is fantastic marketplace to find all kinds of handmade items created by individuals and small companies. Here is a short video on David Ellison, a wood worker and furniture builder who left his job in corporate America to work with his hands. Instead of paying a premium for mass produced furniture in a store, I went to Etsy and I’m hiring David to build me a unique platform bed.

People I Met One Day is a series of short scenes with young people who I met on a single day in New York City. The film captures a sense of youth, a struggle with one’s obligations and restrictions, and the search to find oneself in a city that encompasses everything. The footage was filmed during the height of the 2004 election season, and stored away as a time capsule of sorts. The film was assembled during the Fall 2010.

UK Channel 4 commissioned Lenka Clayton and James Price to create People In Order, a series of short portrait films that reveal something about life by arranging people in scales:

Age / Human beings from age 1-100.
Birth / 34 women arranged by length of pregnancy (weeks 4 - 41).
Love / 48 couples arranged by length of relationship (in descending order).
Home / 73 households arranged by income (400,000 - 3,240 pounds).

Nick Jakubiak is something of a bohemian type artist. He use to live on my block, where he spent a lot of time outside. Often he was to be seen smoking and painting pictures of his favorite places in the city, or people he had met. We’d shoot the shit from time to time. A few years ago, he made the move back to his home state of Michigan. I just had a look at his portfolio site and thought I’d share his work.

Few people would doubt that David Blaine is one of the finest illusionists ever. It’s when he started playing with reality that his stunts went to a whole other level. Here he discusses how he held his breath under water for 17 minutes.

Several years ago, a friend showed me street-art by his ex-roommate, a woman who went by the named of SWOON. I was enamored with what I saw and it certainly was no surprise that in the immediate years to follow, her work would be championed by Deitch Projects and the Museum of Modern Art. Here she is featured in a segment from D.I.Y. America , a serialized show produced by Wieden & Kennedy, that features people at the forefront of America’s creative counter culture.

Bill Moyers interviews The Wire creator David Simon on crime, politics and journalism. They cover a lot of territory about modern America. If you haven’t watched the most powerful show created for television, this interview will inspire you to.