The holiday season usually means it’s that time of the year when we’ll catch half naked models frolicking around on a beach in a black & white fragrance commercial. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it seems like a bit of a tired formula. I look forward to the day that I turn on the tube and find a perfume ad as bizarre as this short film created by fashion photographer Eugenio Recuenco for Loewe’s odor “Quizás, Quizás, Quizás”.

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For some time now, I’ve been fascinated by the transformation of the body undergone by female bodybuilders. There is something about the change to the form that many of us find grotesque or even perverse. For several years now, I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a documentary on the subject. And today, I came across this photo series of women who are competitive body builders.

It would seem appropriate to share this music video directed by Thomas Hilland for the Ralph Myers track Nikita. The video focuses on the day in the life of a female bodybuilder, leading up to a competition.

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Chris Cunninham performed an exorcism of sorts on a resurrected Grace Jones. Film and music video auteur, Chris Cunningham fell off the creative map several years back. He had given up on promos and slowly turned out a few experimental films that seemed to be an arduous task. Rumors that he would make a feature film proved to be just rumors. And then he resurfaced with a tease; Cunningham shot his first music video in seven years for the breakout act The Horror’s - “Sheena is a Parasite”. Since then, Cunningham hasn’t released anything else. Although the buzz is that he has been working with The Horrors again; only this time in a different capacity as record producer. And now while we wait to see the results, Cunningham has teased us again with a rather disturbing photo spread that he shot for Dazed & Confused Magazine of none other than Grace Jones.

From September 6th-17th the Paralympic Games are taking place in Bejing. Its kind of sad to think that network television isn’t interested in canceling a few days of bullshit-reality television in favor of showcasing some of the world’s most impressive athletes. In this photo series you’ll see some of those extraordinary moments that we are not catching on TV, including the US Men’s wheelchair rugby team in midst of battle. For more on this sport check out the brilliant documentary Murderball.

Here is photographer, Rachel Papo’s gaze at life in the military for young Israeli women.

At an age when social, sexual, and educational explorations are at their highest point, the life of an eighteen-year-old Israeli girl is interrupted. She is plucked from her home surroundings and placed in a rigorous institution where her individuality is temporarily forced aside in the name of nationalism. During the next two years, immersed in a regimented and masculine environment, she will be transformed from a girl to a woman, within the framework of an army that is engaged in daily war and conflict.
Almost fifteen years after my mandatory military duty ended, I went back to several Israeli army bases, using the medium of photography as a vehicle to re-enter this world.