Utilizing time-lapse photography and what appears to be a shift-tilt lenses, a photographer named Keith Loutit manages to make people seem like toy miniatures placed in colorful landscapes. These films are documents of twelve months of life in Sydney.

(via kottke)

This past summer we saw many images of China’s new shiny architecture proudly on display for the world during the Olympic events. One of the structures that had been frequently seen in newspapers and on TV was the China Central Television Complex. Part of the CCTV complex was the soon to be opened Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The building has been completely destroyed in a fire accidently set by stray fireworks from the annual Lantern Festival that marks the first full moon of the Chinese New Year. Here are more images of the building ablaze. Remarkably the incident only claimed one life, that of a firefighter.

While in art school, I use to visit Kim’s Video on St. Mark’s Street almost daily at one point. I would watch two to three films a day. The store provided me with an endless library of hard to find selections. So it is fair to say that Kim’s Video has played a huge role in providing me with a film education outside that of my cinema studies in college. Regrettably, St. Mark’s has morphed into something of a typical shopping experience and video rental has become an impossible business forcing Kim’s to close. Even worse, when Mr. Kim offered up to donate his collection upon a few conditions, nobody in the city could make a realistic offer. The good news it that the collection will not go to waste and is being sent to Italy for a rather interesting archival project. It is unfortunate and frustrating that with all of the space in this city, nobody could make an agreeable offer to preserve part of our culture.

My barber Kosta is a charming man in his late seventies who originally comes from Greece. I generally stop by the shop once a week for a touchup, but mainly to see that he is okay and to shoot the breeze. Truth told, I often don’t understand everything that he is saying word for word through his thick accent; though I usually catch the jist. Last week, I mentioned that I heard that there was rioting and problems in his homeland. Suddenly I couldn’t grab a word other than “bullshit” repeated over and over. He clearly was angry. Here are some photos of the events currently taking place in Greece.

Japan: Robot Nation is a short expose style short film that explores how the nation may go about dealing with a quickly dwindling population. When people are too exhausted from work to have sex and reproduce, who will run the factories or take care of the elderly? Japan is on track to have too much work and not enough people to do it. Allowing for greater immigration is one approach to solving the problem, but a rather unlikely answer when considering the historical view of outsider’s in a such an ethnically proud country. However, in a culture that is already fascinated with anthropomorphisising so many different kinds of non-human characters, daily interaction and dependence on robots may not be such a huge leap.