Comedian and political satirist of the Daily Show, John Stewart is on his way to becoming America’s top journalist. I’m sure Stewart was humbled to find out where he stacked up against real TV pundits and then probably laughed his ass off.

For about two seconds, John McCain’s campaign ad “The One” created a stir. Aimed at the kind of fuck-nuts who actually believe in and look forward to “end times,” the ad uses their crazy evangelical secrete handshake codes and likens Obama to “The Dark One” himself (no pun intended). I find this quite disturbing on Mr. McCain’s behalf. Mind you, what’s more disturbing is the overwhelming number of people who believe these kinds of messages.

Tim LeHaye is a lunatic and the author of the unbelievably popular book series Left Behind, based on the end time prophecies. Terrifyingly over 63 million copies of this garbage have been sold. Not only does LeHaye bare a striking resemblance to many an interpretation of Lucifer himself (see below), but he also has some keen views on whether or not Barack Obama is in indeed the devil.

“I can see by the language he uses why people think he could be the antichrist,” adds LaHaye, “but from my reading of scripture, he doesn’t meet the criteria. There is no indication in the Bible that the antichrist will be an American.”

No shit Tim. He couldn’t possibly be the devil because you are.

Mark Bryan’s paintings are quite satirical and concerned with the world we live in. The one below is entitled, The First 1000 and was created in 2004. I think it is a strong reminder that thousands of people are being killed and maimed in Iraq with no signs of an end to the war.

This video for El-P’s “Smithereens” is probably one of the most overwhelming music videos ever made. I am hard pressed to think of another music video that has utilized the format to make such a pronounced political and social statement in recent history.


For quite some time now, I have had zero faith in mass media as a place from which to expect truth in journalism. While it is not a surprise that Fox News is a fraudulent source working under the guise of “real news”, the network’s complete lack of ethics never ceases to amaze me. Apparently, the network thinks that it is okay to combat disapproval of their practices by degrading the character of their critics through any means possible. That is just what happened when they aired altered photos of recent professional critics. No surprise here, just disgust.



French electro group Justice have stirred something of a ruckus with the video for their new single Stress. Obviously inspired by Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange (1971), a young group of modernized droogs uniformed in jackets adorned with the band’s logo are seen making a malenky bit of the old ultra-violent. Perhaps what is most troubling to those offended by the video is not the aggressive nature of the gang, but rather the very clear color of their skin. The boys appear to be of North African and Middle Eastern decent; in other words the Parisian lower-class. The video directed by Romain Gavras has drawn much comparison to La Haine (1985) because of its documentary style of execution. While certainly intriguing and well executed, the video never offers up the kind of social complexity that would allow us to understand this kind of behavior.

In the last few years Dove, the manufacturer of soaps and beauty products has been running their Campaign for Real Beauty. The idea is a global campaign focused on a social change that recognizes that real women come in different sizes and shapes. Dove’s online viral Evolution spot was truly something special to see; again they were punctuating the notion that real people don’t walk around looking like touched up photos.

With this kind of advertising one would think that a company like Dove is not only socially concerned about those who buy their products, but the world at large. I was terribly disappointed to see an ad created by Greenpeace designed to raise awareness of Dove’s not so friendly practices in Indonesia. Unilever the brand’s parent company is participating in trade for palm oil that is leading to the destruction of valuable forest and wildlife. See the very telling ad and lets make Unilever reconsider their trade.