Radiohead has teamed up with MTV EXIT on a campaign designed to raise awareness about human trafficking. In a music video for the track All I Need, the band takes the subject matter head on. That’s right; all of the stuff we use and consume is made somewhere by somebody else.


Just how well do you know where your food comes from? Before your meal made its way to your plate, how did the ingredients start out? Everyday, it is highly likely that you are ingesting food that can be traced back to a very large and unfriendly corporation called Monsanto.

The company controls a large majority of the seeds that are used in this country for farming. Through the influence of money and intimidation techniques, this company has re-written our laws and claims patents on some of the most fundamental parts of our food chain. Like the use of seeds for planting. Monsanto historically has been a chemical company. In the 60’s they were makers of agent orange, a dangerous cancer causing pesticide. Gradually, the company shifted into the agriculture business consolidating competition under their roof. Now Monsanto is moving in on our dairy supply.

Who is paying the price? American farmers are absolutely suffering and being bullied about. These genetically modified unnatural seeds are ending up in the greater portion of what we eat. What are we to do? First, get to know Monsanto. And secondly, eat less packaged food and purchase more local food from local green markets.

This SNL show opening skit re-envisions General Petraeus’ hearings before the House Armed Services Committee earlier in the week. Perhaps this spoof will help undecided voters choose which candidate deserves their vote for the coming presidential election.

The Bush administration often talks about the so called international war on terror when they legitimize spying on American citizens or torturing detainees, who don’t even have the right to legal council.  They speak about “homeland security” and safeguards to protect Americans. Somehow we are suppose to feel more secure now with the TSA restrictions limiting us to only 3oz bottles of liquids in our airplane carry-on luggage. And of course, we hear how they rationalize stricter immigration policies that would include building a wall on the Mexican border, making it harder to penetrate the US. So I have to wonder what the rationale is when the administration gave a $300 million contract to a 22 year old with a criminal record to supply weapons in the Middle East. 

I am greatly embittered by the war in Iraq. The US is 5 years deep into a quagmire situation that never should’ve taken place. While many politicians don’t mind thinking of American soldiers as pawns or collateral damage, they are real human beings with names, faces, families and friends. Our country is five years deep into this war and has just surpassed the mark of 4000 American soldier casualties. Featured in the NY Times online today is a memoriam to all of those who gave their lives entitled Casualties of War.